Our Story

The EVOO-lution of Cheese.

A Note from our Founders

We’ve always loved great food and laughter shared with friends and family. Back home in Australia, marinated goat cheese was a staple for us – a much loved ingredient for any barbecue, dinner party, snack, or home-cooked meal.

When we moved to the US we were inspired to create a new and unique range of Marinated Goat Cheeses that American foodies could love.

All CHEVOO products start with the highest quality goat cheese. For our line of Marinated Goat Cheeses we hand-blend goat cheese with herbs, spices, chilis, honey, or pollens and then pair them with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil blend that has been infused for 8 weeks with crushed botanicals. Our Spreadable Goat Cheeses are blended with the highest quality ingredients and offer unique flavors to make every bite special.

We hope that you will enjoy elevating your meals, snacks, and entertaining with our unique varieties of CHEVOO.

Cheers, Gerard & Susan