Switch up your usual cheeseburger or flatbread toppings with CHEVOO’s creamy cubes either spread on thick or crumbled on top. The flavorful EVOO blend makes a great marinade for chicken or fish, or a “finish” for a grilled rib-eye.

Unexpected but not over the top, CHEVOO spread over grilled meat adds a burst of flavor without overpowering the protein. Smoked Salt & Rosemary is a subtle option while some like to kick it up with Urfa Chili & Lemon.
A sauté of mixed mushrooms combined with our marinated goat cheese tastes great on pita bread, flatbread, or even tacos!
Shrimp and pasta get a flavor boost in this dish with roasted tomatoes, cubed chèvre, and a drizzle of our EVOO blend.
PUT UNDER SIDES: Roasted pineapple tossed in just the right amount of caramelized brown sugar and pecans are hard to resist, especially with the slight tang of added goat cheese.
Who doesn’t love cheese on their burger? For one of the most flavorful options out there, try our Italian Black Truffle goat cheese spread atop a perfectly grilled burger.
Do you like to make your own ravioli? Why not jazz up your fillings with one or more of our flavored goat cheeses?