While we love stealing a cube or two from the jar for a quick “pick me up,” CHEVOO also makes a great addition to your avocado toast, atop a classic bruschetta, or spread on a bagel. Snacking options are endless with CHEVOO.

Smash an avocado or two with herbs including cilantro or dill then top with some CHEVOO cubes “crumbled” or cut into pieces, finished off with sliced tomatoes and arugula.
Another avocado toast option is to first spread your favor CHEVOO flavor of goat cheese on toasted bread, then simply topped with an avocado cut into quarters, garnished with herbs of your choice and an EVOO blend drizzle.
Our chèvre cubes spread perfectly on bread and bagels, with Smoked Salt & Rosemary adding just the right nuance of flavor to your “everything” bagel.
As you can see, CHEVOO does not discriminate and spreads beautifully on any shape, size, and color of bread or crackers.
Thick slices of grilled bread topped with tomatoes, roasted peppers, our goat cheese cubes and herbs – all drizzled with our olive oil blend – makes the perfect bruschetta-style appetizer.
When a hankering for a quick pick-me-up occurs, we always reach for a few crackers, a bunch of grapes, and a jar of CHEVOO, naturally.
Rivals? Nahhh! CHEVOO is the unexpected player among game-day classics.