An Infusion of Happiness

CHEVOO is an artisan cheese maker based in the wine country of Northern California.

CHEVOO is made from the highest quality goat curd, hand-blended with aromatic spices, herbs, pollens and chilis. It’s then paired with an extra virgin olive oil blend that has been infused with crushed botanicals for 8 weeks. This combination of flavors in both the chèvre and infused oil makes CHEVOO truly unique.

CHEVOO comes in three distinct varietals. Smoked Sea Salt & Rosemary. California Dill Pollen & Garlic. Aleppo-Urfa Chili & Lemon.

CHEVOO is for sharing. Entertaining friends and family. Impromptu get-togethers. Elegant dinner parties. Elevating home-cooked meals into something special.

CHEVOO is great with fresh artisanal bread. Or, stirred through steaming pasta. Melted on crusty pizza. Crumbled on garden salads. CHEVOO goes well with … life!

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